Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Vapiano Restaurant, Stuttgart, Germany

If you are in Stuttgart and looking for some decent Italian fare without the frills, Vapiano is the place to be. Vapiano is a German-based restaurant chain, serving various pastas, pizzas and salads. Vapiano also has a bar that serves alcoholic beverages. Upon entry, each customer is given a RFID chip card to charge their food and drinks into. Customers who lose their card will have to pay a fine of 50 Euros.

The great thing about Vapiano is that the ingredients used here are fresh. Pastas are freshly made in their own on-site glass-room and pizza doughs are made from scratch at the pizza-counter. The staff on duty at the pizza section were kind enough to pose for the camera!

The atmosphere in the restaurant is how you would imagine at a chain restaurant, bustling and full of activity. Perhaps not the best place for a quiet meal for 2! The restaurant is divided into a few counters; pasta, pizza and the bar. Customers have to line up, place their order and wave their card in front of the counter when ordering their food and drink. For those ordering pizza, you will be given a beeper device as pizza takes some time to be made. Once the pizza is ready, the beeper device lights up so you can go pick up your order.

We ordered a pasta - scampi e spinaci (8,75€) a spaghetti served with king prawns, spinach and a cream sauce and a pizza gamberi e rucola (8,75€) - pizza served with king prawns, rocket leaves, olives and tomatoes. The spaghetti incorporated a mix of fresh ingredients, the prawns were particularly good but the cream sauce was a tad disappointing as it lacked flavour. The pizza was done authentically with a very thin and crispy crust and generous toppings, just how I like it!

The spaghettiThe pizza

Basil and rosemary by the side of the table which you can pluck off to add into your food! Talk about fresh!

Comfort: Clean. Informal. Tables were a little limited as crowds were large especially during weekends.

Food: 7/10. Ingredients are fresh and the pizza is good. However menu choice is limited.

Price: Reasonable.

Opening hours: Mondays to Saturdays, 10am-1am; Sundays and public holidays 10am - 12pm

Locations: There are 2 in Stuttgart; at Bolzstrasse 7 . D-70173 Stuttgart and Schlossstrasse 70 . D-70176 Stuttgart , Germany

Website: http://www.vapiano.com

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  1. I enjoyed the visit to German Market`s very much


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