Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Chicken rice @ Kedai Kopi Shun Keng, Seremban

Here at the chicken rice stall in Kedai Kopi Shun Keng, you can get chicken rice similar to the famous Ipoh bean sprouts chicken rice. Ipoh beansprouts are apparently fatter and shorter and tastier... dont know how true that is. All beansprouts taste the same to me, it's how you cook it that makes it different.

The chicken meat is lean and soft, with a golden brown skin . Served with beansprouts, cucumber, drizzled with some sesame oil and soy sauce and two dips (chilli sauce and ginger sauce). The rice is very fragrant and tasty. You will also be served a bowl of chicken soup with your meal. The chicken was so good that we ordered another plate (chicken only) worth RM5.

Chicken rice (RM3.30)

The beansprouts here look quite fat to me

Other than chicken rice, Kedai Kopi Shun Keng also has stalls selling fried noodles, char koay teow, economy rice, lok lok, and also a Malay lady selling Halal food (noodles, chicken curry etc).

Char koay teow with cockles, beansprouts, prawns, fishcake, egg and chives (RM3.30)

Closed on alternate Tuesdays

Service: Fast.
Food: You don't have to drive all the way to Ipoh to eat bean sprouts chicken rice anymore.
Price: Cheap as chips.

Location: Kedai Kopi Shun Keng, Oakland Commerce Square, 70300 Seremban, N.Sembilan (same row as Da Chang Jin Korean Restaurant and Woon Peng)

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